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predator or the victim. prince georges county prosecutors say mount rainier police officer gene gillette lured the victim to his home to be in a porno movie. instead, he tried to force the victim to engage in sexual acts. when the victim refuseed and tried to escape in gillette's truck, prosecutors say he shot the victim repeatedly. investigators say the officer said that it was a car jacking and that was a lie. >> they were able to further investigate and up cover more as we went along and we were able to determine that the story was not as originally appeared. >> reporter: in the defense version of events, gillette is the victim, arguing for his release at a bond hearing, the officer's attorney said the accuser in the case wanted to rob gillette, stole his truck and run him over. the shooting, self-defense and anything else that happened copens isual. fellow officers, family and friends refuse to say anything. >> do you believe the charges? >> reporter: the prosecutor
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said that this is not something that happened once before. the defendant did this once before. the investigation remains open. >> we're asking at this point for the public to contact us if there are further victims. >> reporter: the victim is out of the hospital and his family said the truth finally came out. >> for them to accuse him for something like that and to put him in that situation pretty much on his death bed. >> reporter: gillette was taken away on handcuffs and the victim's family afraid of what would happen if he got out. >> the officer gillette is an officer who has resources and handle they feel could cause harm to this victim. >> reporter: gillette was rookie-of-the-year and named officer-of-the-year twice. he faces 12 counts, including attempted murder for which he could get a life sentence i can't repeat on the air what the officer's family said
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outside the courthouse. the prosecutors did say this is not the first time and they're asking if there are any other victims, they contact them at and mount rain ear's police chief said that prior to this there was no indication of anything, any problems with officer gillette. shape? >> and you say prosecutors say this is not the first time. did they give any other information? >> they were tight-lipped, shape. they would not divulge that, asking people to contact them if there were any other victims out there and clearly, based on what they said in court, they do believe that there are others out there. at this point, gillette has a clean record, so if something did happen in the past, clearly there was not enough to make an arrest. that is the latest here.
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back to you, shape. >> thank you for the up-- shape. >> thank you for the update. we have more now on a police serial. take a good look. investigators say this man cut at least five young women. he preys on women in their types and early 20s. he distracts them in the store and cuts their rear ends and takes off. if you recognize this man, call police. d.c. councilman's marion barry's son christopher pleaded guilty to drug charges today in d.c. court. the 31-year-old admitted to possessing marijuana and liquid pcp. the officers claimed they were called to his home because of a fight. inside, they found the drugs and investigators say barry jumped out of the window and later returned looking for help for the injuries. the sentencing is set for september. six days to go until the nation hits the debt ceiling conflict and there is apparently no deal in sight and
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the top republicans and democrats are competing for the plans. the debt ceiling needs to be raised by august 2nd, next week, or the u.s. won't have money to pay the bills. tom fitzgerald is live with more. the house was supposed to vote ond speaker's plan today. that was cancelled. what is going on here? that is correct. the congressional officer issued a report last night after corruptioning the numbers and what they found was the plan came up $150 billion short of the promised budget saying and this is a vote postponed from today and this plan can be retooled. the speaker's plan is not the only one being debated right now. senate majority leader harry reid has a plan of his own, a $2.7 trillion plan and that, too, was examined by the congressional budget office. and when it comes to reid's plan, it was off by $500 billion the big difference was
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that it did deliver on 2 is $.2 trillion in sages over a span of 10 years and -- and they argued that each other's plan had no chance of passing and they claimed theirs is the only proposal to end up ending crisis. >> economists, market analysts and agencies said the world economy can't bear this kind of uncertainty any longer. and they set a short-term as long as of an umpending default that results in the loss of our aaa rating that kept interest rates low in this country and saved consumers money for more than 70 years. >> if i could get more, i would get more and at this hour n my opinion, there is no ability to get more and the plan on the table is the best opportunity we have to hold the president's feet to the fire. >> and the plan would lift the debt ceiling until early next
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year. senator reid said his plan would not only cut government spending like speaker baehner's but lift it until the end of 2012 fick. and the president -- 2012. the president would not sign a short-term deal n. recent days, the white house pyrotechnic said if all -- press secretary said if all else fails, that could be a obligation. >> we're hearing about the new solution and the constitution, what is the deal with that? this was out of left field, a proposal by congressman jim cleburn of south carolina and it turns out there is a clause in the 49th amendment -- 14th amendment that the debt of the united states shall not be questioned. they came out and said that could be a door for the administration to by presidential decree, raise the debt ceiling on its own. frankly, that was dismissed quite quickly by the white house today, laura. they said there is no precedent for this and if this is going
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to get done, it needs to get done on the hill. the nfl lockout might be in the rearview mirror but donovan mcnabb's future is here and remains a hot topic. dave feldman is live at redskins park. >> reporter: thank you very much. weighing it's almost a definite done deal. he's going to go to minnesota and the redskins and vikings agreed on a preliminary agreement, we have to say that, to send him to minnesota in exchange for a 2012 sixth-round pick and theal pick the following year. mcnabb would have to agree to restructure his contract and meaning that he would have to agree to a pay cut. that gives the vikings time to ponder their first-round pick, christian ponder, pond or ponder. and this -- ponder or ponder. on the defensive side of the ball, they made a move win the in, fc east, snapping barry cofield from the new york giants and that where he spent
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the last five seasons and he agreed to a deal with the skins and would have to make the transition to nose tackle and in that 3-4 defense. they lost out on holmes and they're taking -- taking in a lot of receivers and they're 49 under the redskin umbrella. earlier, they signed dante stallworth to a one-year deal who has played for the ravens, browns, patriots, eagles and the saints. stallworth caught two passes with baltimore after sitting out much of the year with a broken foot. he was is spended the whole tape season after pleading guilty to dui manslaughter. the team also picked up another wide receiver, and that isoffny from the denver broncos in the trade for jeremy jarmin and agreed to terps with wide river brandon stokeley. the team has 49 wide rivers.
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we can't say since, not all of them are signs yet and they have 49 wide rivers who have a chance to be be the washington redskins and agreed to a one- year contract with the former jets backup quarterback clemons. it's beginning, a lot of moves and friday at 6:00 p.m. eastern is when they can officially announce everyone who is in and everyone who is out. >> we're hearing about 14 potential rivers for the redskins and have not receive about the quarterback position and do they think they're set there? what is is that that deal? i thank is going to be a two- man battle and with donovan out and beck said the same thing yesterday. he said i think it's going to be a two-man competition between me and rex grossman, we'll see if they add anyone else to the mix. i think it's going to be those two walling for the number one job unless, of course, some big
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name free agent comes in and we don't know about them yet. >> thank you for the update. >> okay. the skins are a hot topic around here and you are lighting up our facebook page. we asked if you thought the burgundy and gold would do better without mcnabb. he said no, the skins are cursed. they can transfer the whole team to washington and would still bomb. he was not the problem anymore than the owner is the solution and nicole spence is optimistic writing they will do well providing they choose and they stay focused and work as a team to win. like on facebook and post your comments. we'll air more tonight on fox 5 news at 10. we're staying on top of new developments in the war on terror. al qaeda on the bring of collapse. why some say -- brink of collapse. and new video revealing what happened in the moment following norway's deadliest attack. the latest in the still- developing story still ahead.
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gary? >> reporter: thanks, laura. hot today and not so humid. it was not bad around here. the question is, will this trend stick around through the weekend? you get the idea, don't you? >> yes, we do, gary. thank you. >> keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 
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>> new images of one of the
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attacks in norway. the prime minister called on all citizens to be more tolerant. greg burke has the latest from norway. >> reporter: the attack that ranged norway forever caught on tape. this surveillance video showing the inside of the store in downtown oslo. people shopping and going about about their business and moments later, people run outside to see what happened. it was the first of two attacks. this blast followed by a shooting spree on an idol 25 miles away, targeting norway's labor party youth camp. more than 70 people killed in both attacks. the faces of the tragedy coming to light as police slowly release the names of the victims. like this the girl, who was one of the dozens killed on the eland. and he confessed to the bombings and shootings, claiming the actions were an effort to save europe from
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muslim columnination and norway a prime minister said that norwegians won't be intimidateed or threatened by the attacks. >> only to open the base can you overcome extremism and initol raps. violence can never be accepted. >> reporter: founded a -- about 100 miles outside of oslo. investigators believe that he made a bomb using fertilizer bought under the cover that he was a farmer. police under fire over how long it took them to get to theisland after reports started pouring in. >> i don't that we had any hans to get there and -- >> he surrendered immediately when they caught up with him on the island. he narrowly escaped being shot and they thought he was wearing an exclusive vest. fox 5 news. >> a mother and her 16-year-old daughter texted back and forth for 90 minutes as the daughter
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was hiding from the gunman. at one point, julie texted a police officer had arrived and her mom told her to keep hiding because reports claim the gunman was wear allegation uniform. 15 minutes later, julie texted her mom and the good news, julie was not hurt during the attack. al qaeda may not be the threat it was once. the u.s. counterterror officials believe the organization could collapse. what makes them think that? joining us tonight is the terrorism analyst j.j. green from wtop radio. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> and al qaeda suffered numerous ploys recently, and starting with the deaths of osama bin laden what have you learned about where the terrorist organization is right now? >> right now, it's in a situation where it's having trouble with its identity, changing and evolving, obviously, and they're aware there is a human international effort to take out its leadership. there is also the situation they're facing where money is
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short and there is that international effort as way to take away and to destroy the homes and to take away the admissive environment. as time passed, their latitude has gotten less and less and they have had little or no elbow room and they understand where they are and that is in a tight spot. i have been cautioned about that tight spot because al qaeda will probably strike back as anyone would when they find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. >> there is no doubt they're having internal problems as well. what is happening on the inside? >> and there is a leadership struggle, if you will. on the outside, there is a united front and he's been given a leadership post and his deputy.
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both are egyptians and this is that problem with the organization. a saudi egyptian joint operation. most of the money comes from the saudis and the egyptians have provided intellectual leadership and they're not happy about the fact that you have two egyptians running the organization and that makes for some interesting and troubling problems on the inside. >> and breaking a part on the inside and on that recent trip, we saw defense secretary leon penea and win the reach of strategically defeating al qaeda and this is no mission accomplished. the declaration like we saw from president bush and is that too soon to make a statement like that on a public stage? >> it could be. some of the analysts i have poke to cautioned them. some said we have made the nation has made progress against al qaeda and this is only a chapter in a book that
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we have no idea how long this book is going to last and allicada has been on the road before as the taliban was on after 9/11 and some distractions, otherworld events, economics play a big role and what can be done. al qaeda's in a tight spot and whether or not they are on the ropes or not is something that history will have to tell us about this time we're in and as far as predictions go, many analysts say it's too early for that. >> what do we know any about capabilities? is there any intelligence giving us that? >> there is some pretty heavy information out there right now that al qaeda really wants to attack and has never stopped in its efforts to try to attack, specifically in washington and we have been focussing on that all week in our series target washington. they have been looking for
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opportunities to attack soft targets. they recognize that crashing airplanes into soft buildings is not likely to happen again, they're not likely to have that capability. what hey have tried to do is -- what they have tied to do is to change the tactics and known as lope wolf gunman and to look for pee, quote, clean scoop and that is no collection. and essentially, we're looking for people who look like america to to that and that is what they have right now. strategically, launching a strike against the united states and all analysts say the organization is too weak to do that. and that is a fascinating look at al qaeda. thanks for shedding light on this. you're welcome. the man convicted in the bombing of a jet liner in 1988 turned up on television in libja. all--magrahia was released from prison two years ago.
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he was killing 270 people and now, he has been recorded in this video here of what appears to be a pro-lybian government rally and this is video of that. he was reportedly in a wheelhare at the time at that appearance. and 10 years after 9/11, efforts to improve emergency communications continue and first responders had difficulty communicating and during the aftermath of hurricane katrina. today, a senate committee discussed what has changed since then and what else needs to be done. one recommendation, have the federal government help state and local governments establish interoperatable moundications system. >> our first responders who put their lives on the line every day must have the resources that they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively and earned with realtime data, video, and other critical information. we can ole accomplish this goal if we have the latest in mobile and broadband technology fully
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interoperatable on a local state and federal level. >> charles ramsey. a provision in senator reid's debt ceiling bill allocates $7 million for the creation of a nationwide interoperatable safety network. coming up next, the workweek is half hour. -- over. will this hold out? and gary's look at the forecast next. 
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>> the good news is that it was not as humid today as it was in the past. it was hot. >> it was definitely hot and a nice day for sure. we can keep this going if only gary would give us the okay on that, right? >> two is thumbs up. thank you. >> oh, oh. >> no. i agree, though. if there was summer -- it would be smooth sailing and we can deal with the temperatures in the 90s, as long as we had phoenix humidity. >> exactly judge and this is d.c. let me remind you of that. the things are going to change and showing you true view, the crowding coming in and there is
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that thunderstorms. we'll get clouds from that. the temperature in the city, 93 and 95, patuxent cooler in the water and baltimore in the upper 80s as well and this is the forecast through the evening hours, talk something clouds and the temperatures will cool off, pleasant this evening with the low humidity. the wind basically about five to 15 miles an hour. and there is the this is the evening forecast and we'll talk about that in a whole. that includes a look at tropical storm don coming up. when fox 5 news at 5 continues. stay with us. 
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>> december 15th. that is the day the georgia avenue campus of walter reed army medical center will close its doors. the military set a formal -- said a formal farewell to the facility that served america's military for more than a
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century. karen gray houston is live with more. >> reporter: it was the feeling of the end of an era and for a lot of the hospital top brass employees and former patients, it seemed hard to say goodbye. there was the military pomp and circumstance. the presentation of the colors. the u.s. army band, all in tribute to a story and hospital. >> our rich history on the ole campus is coming to an end. >> reporter: for more than a century, walter reed army medical center cared for kings and presidents and it's shutting down as part of the base realignment and closure act. the employees and patients will move to the national naval medical center in bethesda and to fort belvoir in virginia. >> walter reed is not a building. walter reed is the people who provide care and compassion for wounded, ill, and injured warriors. >> reporter: to signal the transition, the casing of the color's flag ceremony.
5:31 pm
>> the warrior transition brigade walter reed will close. >> reporter: the formal passing of the sword and at the end, daring sky diving exercises. >> the is money was final, symbolic and bitter sweet and stress this is not the end of walter road. the hospital has had struggles in 2007 and as it closes, it's time for a reflection. the people here who are the legacy of the organization, this is an emotional closure for them. for most of our employees, this is family. >> reporter: the family includes perpent in former patients, like hawaii senator daniel inouye. and starts to -- do something. and i know this is -- for the -- . >> these doors may close. the address may change. and the name, the legacy, and
5:32 pm
most importantly, the work and the healing will endure. thank you. and god bless you, god bless this great army. >> reporter: that was the secretary of the army, john mchugh. and just to be clear, walter reed is not closed entirely yet. the move is taking place in stages and with patients and medical equipment being moved during the month of august, everything ought to be wrapped up by september 15th,ion. >> and that is clearly emotional for everyone. how smooth do they expect the transition to be? >> well, you know, we're talking about the military and the brass is saying it's going to be fine. some of them are admitting to a fear of the future. and even though they say it's going to be great and the best thing for the american people. you acknowledge you don't know until you get it. that is true. what hap -- . >> what happens now to the old walter reed campus? and the main thing is to travel to bethesda to where they will be the walter reed national
5:33 pm
military medical center and on georgia avenue, the state department's going to get -- and that will have some residential housing and detail. >> the site will remain. thank you. we have a few fox 5 fast facts about walter reed. the facility is maimed after a major walter reed, an army doctor who treated troops and military frontmen. linden johnson visited the site of nixon while being treated for an infection in 1960. and former president dwight eisenhower died at walter reed in 1969. monitoring metro tonight. a big improvement at the bethesda station should make the commute less of a hassle. the agency announcing that it will replace the station's entrance escalators and not until 2049. and the escalators are working now and last week, you will remember all three failed, forcing the passengers to walk
5:34 pm
upstairs and travelling by bicycle is becoming more convenient and you don't have to own your own wheels. the d.c. department of transportation is opening 32 new capital share bike, bike share stations this fall and that allows riders to rent bikes and drop them off at other stations. the annual membership is $75. do you have any outstanding parking or traffic tickets? here's your chance to save money on the fines. the d.c. department of motor vehicles is offering a temporary amnesty program. you can pay older tickets without paying the extra late penalty and begins august 1st through january 27th and that includes parking tickets, moving violations and the photo enforcement tickets that were issued all before january world trade centerst -- 1st, 2027. d.c. hopes -- 2010. d.c. hopes to bring in $10 million in fines. >> chances are, you have probably heard of go the bleep
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to sleep? and -- >> what did you say? >> reporter: didn't say the word. >> the author is in d.c. >> don't miss my one-on-one interview with a dad who wrote what parents wering. >> tough economic times have been sheltered -- the set haddered pets on the move again. the helpless dogs and cats looking for a forever home. how you can walk with one of these dies and your family next.   guys and your family. 
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>> the washington animal rescue league travelled 500 miles to save some dogs and cats. the league went to west virginia yesterday to pick up 21 dogs and five cats from two shelters. one was closing and faced with putting adoptable animals to sleep. they include six-week-old puppies who were dropped in the collection box and found the
5:39 pm
next morning. the animal should be ready for adoption in two weeks. >> fortunately, we're having a big adopt athon the weekend of the 6th and 7th and open for 33 hours. we're anticipating that large bulk of the animals and they're great with the rest of ours and we'll be able to get into people's homes that weekend. if you're interested in adopting a pet, the rescue league is everything from excited puppies to calm small little dogs and a beautiful little lab who is ready for a long walk. go to and look under web links to learn more. and one year from now, the eyes of the world will be on london. the ceremonies will be winding down and the british embassy hosted a one-year countdown event to that. the runners travelled from the canadian embassy to the british embassy, a symbol of the change from the last olympics in vancouver and to the next games in london. and if you went outside at all, you can feel it. the humidity is not out there and that is still hot. >> don't get used to the
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beautiful weather, gary. changes are coming. the full forecast is coming up next.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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>> state and local governments now bracing for the backlash and they're sending urgent messages to capitol hill. the fox 5 money reporter melanie -- melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: maryland and virginia are among five states that are warned that if the u.s. is -- credit rating goes down, theirs goes down with it and just like you would use a credit card, the local governments credit -- take out credit, too. >> and sun as the renovation of schools and building new schools and some fire stations. transportation projects. >> reporter: the fairfax county chairman said they're called bond sales, a county or states
5:44 pm
asks investigators -- investors for money and promises to pay them back with interest. the bond rating determines how much interest they'll pay. >> and because the bond rating is so so good, we can finance with low interest rates. >> reporter: imagine your bank jacked your interest rate. you may not be able to afford everything on your shopping list. that is what everyone is facing, a bad side effect of the gridlock. if the usa's credit rating goes down, virginia and maryland may go with it. >> and i wish they would put country over party. >> reporter: he said that losing the state's aaa bond rating would cost millions in higher interest payments and much more. >> and it's difficult to get the trust and credibility back
5:45 pm
once you lose it. >> reporter: the second phase of the dulles rail line could be hurt by higher rates. fairfax county needs to sell bonds in january for school renovations and a police station. >> potentially, we would have to look at all of the items that would be if manslaughterred -- financed as part of the bond sale and to see if we could afford to do all of those things. >> with federal contracts and jobs, maryland and virginia have close dies with the -- ties with the federal government. >> it's a lose-lose situation for the state. i hate to say yet. >> right now, they may wish they had more breathing room. and maryland decided to make a big bond sale today in case it loses the aaa rating in a few weeks, shawn? sounds like local government is in a tight spot here. >> they are, shawn and i have to tell you, this is getting serious. it's not just a credit issue, federal budget cuts could mean revenue losses, too. the government shut down could cost the city $45 million a week in lost revenue and warned
5:46 pm
that the city needs to plan right now for how it will pay for services if federal payments stop. >> all right, so many people affected by this. thank you. >> they're putting the pressure oning can. >> they need to continue. >> yes exactly. and the pressure is on you. >> this is the summer. we have had a few hot, humid days, outrageously hot and humid like last week and cools off. >> yeah. >> and that is nice and manages to return. and that is bringing it in. it's not going to come back like last week. i don't want to scare you with that. we're not talking about the heat index values of 121 or 1 two and -- 122 or 123 and some heat index values will come over 100 degrees and there is that on friday and into saturday.
5:47 pm
temperatures this evening, not bad and in the hints now. 83 by 9:00 and on satellite. temperatures, 93 in the city and gaithersburg cooled off to 86 and don't know why, to be honest with you. frederick is 93 and dulles is 91 and this is where that heat is, though and talking about the heat dome over the central and southern pains and that is not going to make it and friday is the day that is going to be hot and humid, wichita, 110 degrees and that is the actual air temperature. the heat index is up over that and dallas, 104 and that is making a come back along with some warmer temperatures and when you factor in temperatures on the upper 90s and humidity coming back, we are talking about, i think, the heat index is friday and saturday and up over 100 degrees. it's been beautiful today, crystal blue clear skies and this is some clouds coming off.
5:48 pm
and some debris clouds coming off of the complex of thunderstorms and to the northwest. no rain, though, coming our way and you see this cluster of clouds here, this is the yucatan peninsula, cancun center and this is what is newly named tropical storm don. the winds are 40 miles per hour and look, it's going to cruise through the gulf of mexico and not forecast right now to become a hurricane, but you know what? the water temperatures down here in the gulf of mexico are very, very hot. it doesn't look like there is going to be a lot of wind sheer and they don't like. even though the hurricane center, you can see the forecast here, this is thursday at 2:00, this should be friday at 2:00 and a glitch with the code coming out of the hurricane center. they're only projecting this to be a strong tropical storm and that is watching the next few days and there is that potential. it could make it up to a
5:49 pm
minimal hurricane force storm before -- minimal hurricane force storm and not the official forecast but looking at thes there and the thunderstorms, the tropical storms can get strong in a hurry. some passing clouds tonight, cooler for the suburbs, we're talking mid-70s in town. tomorrow morning, a few lingering clouds, 78 and we'll warm at noon, 89. and temperatures tomorrow, lower to mid-90s and more humidity. the heat index, mid- to upper 90s, and not enough for a heat -- advisory. still. on friday, that is the hot, humidity day, none for a high heat index and up around 105 in the city and some places are approaching 110. some&spotty throwns, friday, saturday, sunday, and we cooled down a bit as we get through to the weekend. >> yeah. >> and hot. all right. >> reporter: wouldn't call it a heat way but another hot episode. >> okay. >> and take a listen.
5:50 pm
>> the eagles soar through the sky are at risk. i know you're not thirsty [ bleep ] stop lying, settle down, my darling and sleep. >> that is actor samuel l. jackson reading a portion of the audio version of the "new york times" best seller, go the bleep to sleep. instead of a bedtime story, it's a book for the parents. earlier, i talked to the author about his best-selling book. >> so, for the sake of tv, we're going to call your book, go the bleep to sleep. >> the bleep to sleep? >> yes, this is a family newscast. >> all right. this book shot to the top of the new york times best seller list. where did this idea come from? >> it came from long nights trying to put my daughter vivian, my wonderful, beautiful daughter vivian, who was two at the time. >> uh-huh. >> to sleep every night and that would be a two-hour process. one night, i staggered out of
5:51 pm
her room bleary eyed and posted on facebook, be on the lookout for my forth coming children's book go the bleep to sleep zoom it was a joke or were you serious? >> i was joking and as soon as i wrote that, the lightbulb came off. i know what to write that book, how it sounds like and looks like, and that as a parent, you read eight million times to your kids and you're seek of. -- you're sick of. >> once the -- once the book was published, the feedback. i read this to me husband last night and he mold starts laughing and we go back to the experiences trying to put one of our kids to bed over and over again. what is the reaction you're getting from people? >> a lot of gratitude. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> thank you for putting in to print what i have been silently secretlyinging in my head for year. and a lot of people feeling less alone and less isolated in the struggle they go through because this new exists and they can talk about it more easily. just taboo too talk about how
5:52 pm
hard it is to do, to be a parent. >> yeah. and the thing they thought was really cool about it is like you said, many parents were trying to put our kids to bed and we get frustrated. >> yeah. >> and there are things we want to say and you expressed it all for us in this book. >> right. >> and so what did your wife say about this? she was the big fan. the first person i read the book to. she laughed and likes me in interviews to point out that i only put my daughter to bed 27% of the time. >> okay. >> that is important for her to have on the record. >> all right, that makes sense and this is about her. she was putting our kid to bed, giving my time to write obscene children's book. >> and you brought that up. written like a children's book, a fairy tale, the good night book. who is this book for? it's not for our kids? no, it's not for kids and said that on the back of the book. you shouldn't read this to your child. it's for parents or anyone who put a kid to bed. >> uh. >> and tried to put one to bed. >> the audio version is what i
5:53 pm
heard first with samuel l. jackson reading it. >> yeah. >> how did he become a part of the project? he was brought in to read the audio book by -- and he was at the top of the list. and we didn't think that we could get him. >> yeah. >> and it happened extremely fast. it was -- we gave him our names and a couple of days later, they were like sam recorded the book and he'll be on letterman tonight reading it. >> what was your reaction? what happened? >> it was one of a number of incredibly exciting seemingly impossible things -- . >> and every time i think this -- and crazy to happen. >> i was blown away by it. >> and indeed it was awesome. >> and what is next? after go go the bleep to sleep, what is next? of about i wrote this, was a
5:54 pm
novel of the. i wrote several more and getting back to work on literary fiction, we're doing a g-rated version of this book, actually. >> okay, all right. that is awesome. >> a kids version. >> and we should have one of those. >> yes. >> thank you so much for coming in and we appreciate it and wish you all the best. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. and there is a book signing going on until 8:00 tonight, tj clark, if you want to go down there and get one. >> the first time i read this, i guess may be a -- maybe a month ago, like many parents, you are laughing and saying oh, my gosh, this is how i felt. >> and that is many, may be times. you have two will ones at home and we can relate to that at times. >> i think i am the only one who hasn't read the book. i will take your word for it, sounds like a great book, right? and that is some easy reading for sure? >> takes 10 minutes? >> shorter than that. >> what is comes up?
5:55 pm
adam mark umm's back, not coming up -- adam mumm's back. with less than a week to go, the democrats and republicans can't come to a compromise on raising the debt ceiling at 6. delegate eleanor holmes norton joins us live as the two sides struggle to come to an agreement. and bracing for brac, the action being taken to ease traffic congestion as thousands of military workers descend upon the d.c. region. 
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> the dr. oz show is coming to fox 5. if you want to talk about the health problem, now is the chance. the producers are in d.c., they want to meet you. come on down and tell them why you need their help and want to be on the show. they will be on the landmark mall saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and head to the play area in center cure. thank you for joining us at
5:59 pm
5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. house republicans return to the drawing bord as congress races to put together a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. only six days left now and the treasury department warned that the country could default on financial obligations and could have a devastating effect on the economy and there is no sign of compromise in site. tom fitzgerald in the newsroom with more and last week, we have lots of plans. >> reporter: tonight it's shaping up as a showdown between john boehner and senate democratic leader harry reid. republican leaders are tweaking the plan proposed and the senate majority leader is pushing his own plans. >> we're not going to have liberty if

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